Are you Overwhelmed?

    We live in exciting times: economic upheavals, local challenges influencing global results, technology outstripping our capacity to keep up. We struggle to make sense out of events that seem senseless, as our traditional ways of dealing with commerce and indeed the world no longer work.

Professional Coaching Develops

    It’s no surprise that a profession such as coaching has developed in response to the increasingly chaotic circumstances we find ourselves in. In both professional and personal situations, coaching has helped millions of people find balance, success and well-being. Coaching skills are increasingly used in managing the diverse and creative workforce that no longer responds to traditional ‘carrot and stick’ management methods. Coaches inspire top management to change their old perspective on organizational control to influence their people to become excellent and enthusiastic performers. This extends down to team management, where teams are led to self-management and high performance through the use of coaching techniques.
    Many people have found their own individual solutions to feeling overwhelmed through professional coaching, as they enjoy the benefits of having a impartial and non-judgmental person who is dedicated to helping them increase their well-being.

What Can We Do To Help?

    Real Results is dedicated to increasing the energy, balance and well-being of the world through coaching and training individuals and corporate groups. To do this, we offer coaching and training for:

  • Senior managers and executives
  • Over-Achieving Professionals
  • Coaches
    Browse through our training and coaching offerings, and feel free to contact us for any additional information.

Now Available:

PRISM Teams: Coaching Prolific, Radical, Innovative, Self-Managed Teams.

In PRISM Teams, Kathy Harman shares her approach for coaching teams to high performance and self-management. Written expressly for coaches, PRISM Teams offers techniques to:

  • Start-up teams in a way that greatly shortens the storming phase
  • Develop a group of individuals into a Team Entity that rocks
  • Work through team conflicts
  • Facilitate team decision making
  • Effectively use team activities based on the team personality
  • Regularly review and celebrate the team's achievements, leading to constant improvement
  • Successfully close out the team, resulting in exponential team effectiveness within the company

Filled with real-life examples, this book can be used by novice and experienced team coaches to energize their coaching approach. Whether you are fully trained in the ICF Coaching Competencies or have simply been given a team to coach with little prior experience, PRISM Teams will give you a whole new perspective on helping your teams achieve greatness

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Now Available:

The ABC’s of Living Well: 26 Soul-Freeing Games for People Who Want More Out of Life

This collection of games can be used daily to bring more awareness, peace and joy into your every-day life.

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