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I believe a positive values-based approach increases an organization's motivation and productivity.

Recently, behavioral scientists made a startling discovery: People are not motivated by rewards or punishment!

What motivates them? The intrinsic value of what they do. Human beings are hard-wired to be curious, creative and adaptive. When a company empowers its employees by supporting the drive to be creative and solution-driven, the employees are more motivated to go beyond performing well; they become innovative powerhouses. What is the bottom line to these companies? They increase their profits and lower employee turnover! And the effect is long term, as the employees grow into their empowerment.

So how do you reach this state? Real Results can help you on your journey to empowerment, working with your front-line managers up to your executives to help them learn the secrets of managing to empower.

Select one or more of the following to increase your organization’s productivity:

Management Classes

The world is shrinking fast, and you don’t have the luxury of managing the way “we’ve always done it”! To compete in this Global economy, you need to attract and retain top talent to perform ever-increasingly creative and innovative work. The old carrot and stick method of managing has become largely ineffective in motivating talented employees. Real Results helps your managers and executives develop a more effective management style that incorporates coaching techniques and leadership tendencies to retain, motivate, and inspire your most precious asset: your employees!

Team Coaching

Don’t just manage your teams; coach them to be self-managed & high performing! For a team to be high-performing, it must be carefully crafted, given a compelling reason to work together, and nurtured through its forming and storming stages. Whereas managers and traditional team leads do their best with the little time they can devote to team dynamics, nothing beats a team coach for getting teams to high-productivity.

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We work with leadership teams, cross-functional teams and project teams to greatly streamline the ‘Storming’ phase to quickly get to high-performance. We use proven coaching techniques and Agile methodology where appropriate.

Leadership Classes and Workshops:

Increasing Professional Effectiveness
Our flagship class, Increasing Professional Effectiveness, teaches managers and executives essential coaching competencies that will help them to revamp their current interpersonal practices. Expand their interaction toolkits with coaching techniques and leadership tendencies that will help them to better engage their staff, their peers and their own managers. This interactive class is full of demonstrations, practice and activities that will inspire the participants to improve their interactions after the very first class.

Class size: 6 - 12 participants
Length: 30 hours, arranged to your convenience
Cost: $35,500

Take Control of your teams!
Watch your team productivity soar! Real Results trains team leads and coaches using a positive team approach process that amplifies productivity. Our Team Coaching for Results class trains up to 15 team leads at a time, and is designed to maximize learning and retention.

Class size: 5 - 15
Length: 14 hours, arranged to your convenience, followed by 2 hours of group coaching 2 weeks later
Cost: $18,500

Motivational Workshops
Real Results offers workshops to help build teams, inspire your people and help them develop inter-corporate networks that will sustain their motivation. These workshops are designed for group sizes between 6 and 16 people, and last 4 hours.

Class size: 6-16 participants
Length: 4 hours
Cost: $1,250

Current Workshops:

  • Strategize! This Interactive workshop brings out the participant’s inner strategist. A new approach to developing strategy is presented and practiced in a memorable activity. Participants receive a strategy tool that will help them formulate their own department’s and even personal strategies.
  • Work/Life Balance: The more stressed people are, the less productive. Help your employees get a handle on the number one complaint of workers in the United States. This workshop helps change their perspective on Work/Life Balance, and enables them to find what motivates them to be their best.
  • Awaken Your Motivation: Give your people the tools to self-motivate! Designed for managers through line workers, this interactive workshop builds the participants’ “Energy Muscle”, helping them to create for themselves techniques to keep them on their toes and increase their productivity.
  • Know Your Own Strength: Most people play down their strengths and accomplishments, which can lead to a decline in self-confidence. This interactive workshop helps them to learn to acknowledge their strengths, and increase their self-confidence as well as their potential.