Unlock your Client's Insights!

People often have trouble articulating what’s going on inside their heads. We've found that using images unlocks the door to deeper self-exploration.

Using Visual Images unlocks powerful Learning!

This is particularly so when what’s going on is fairly deep, or if you tend to live in the more analytical side of your brain. One option to help access those thoughts is to use visual images to give those deep thoughts a voice.
Most people are visual learners, pictures speak to them more deeply than words. We have found that in using pictures, our clients are able to:

  • Reach concepts and emotions that they might otherwise not be able to verbalize
  • Gain a greater understanding of what’s involved in their perceptions and beliefs around a particular situation
  • Focus on key aspects of their situation
  • Remember key aspects of their coaching meeting
  • See connections between insights, situations, feelings and beliefs
  • Tina Martin and Kathy Harman teamed up to create a deck of cards designed for coaches to engage the power of images. We've selected the images carefully to enable an opening to client insights, and created both a physical set of cards and the online tool that you see here. The deck contains one hundred 5 X 8 photographs and a short how-to book filled with ideas to use the images effectively with individuals and clients. Those who purchase the physical deck have access to the online tool for one year.

    Where to buy our In-Sights images

    The In-sights card packs are available in our online store in this website. Click here to order. You can also contact us at kharman@realresults.us.com to learn more. Note: these materials are not required for SUN certification. They are offered as additional resources that may be of value to a SUN coach. These are also sold to other coaches and other professionals.

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